Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama going for record amount of joint sessions of Congress?

President Barack Obama will be holding his second Joint Session of the United States Congress tonight, it appears he is attempting to set a new record. Let's remember, Joint Sessions of Congress are very rare when given by Presidents of the United States, and even some Presidents never even held one.

President George W. Bush held two in his first year in office, while that is comparable with Obama, the circumstances are not even close.

While Bush was discussing the budget in his first address, Obama was pushing the stimulus legislation.

While Bush was addressing the Nation of the war on terrorism, just days after September eleventh, Obama is addressing Congress on the war against Capitalism.

Bush would go on to hold nine Joint Sessions of Congress over his eight year's in office, considering Obama is holding a Joint Session with Nancy Pelosi springing to her feet after every liberal talking point, who knows how many Obama will have through just one term.

Personally, I see this has the continued destruction of Presidential lore. As Obama is holding Joint Sessions of Congress for political legislation, Obama is going on late night television shows, the number of speech's given are well over 150, you cannot go a day without hearing his annoying liberal pompous attitude on some issue, and he has pissed off every single ally that use to call us friends.

This man is a joke of a President, has accomplished nothing.....that works, has no substance except "hopey changey makes me feel oh so great", and as some bloggers have pointed out, every single one of his speeches have the words "I, myself, me, etc." mentioned dozens of times by Obama, the great self-lifter upper.

So Obama, before you make a joke of all Presidential lore, could you just stay out of Joint Sessions of Congress, before the Clerk of the House of Representatives has to make a separate page just for your legislative means.

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