Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Olbermann wants "info" on Glenn Beck.

Keith Olbermann, the liberal fruitbasket who can only be hired by MSNBC, is so aggravated over the fact Glenn Beck & millions of Americans have exposed Van Jones for who he is, and apparently for what the Obama administration is, that he is now attempting to go after Glenn Beck, and his staff.

Whether or not Olbermann is attempting to just gain publicity, and gain ten new "fans" into his horrific audience as is, I have no idea. However, this appears to be a perfect example of "shoot the messenger, not the message".

So I am launching a likewise campaign my fellow Americans, send me all of your information on Keith Olbermann over the next 24 hours, at my email address - aaaabraves@yahoo.com , all of his videos, quotes, and even his charades against the Bush administration, which there are many.

I want to expose this vile for what he is, a so called graduate at Cornell univeristy, who didn't even receive a graduation of anything worthy to be touted as from Cornell university. This man has committed the crime of sickening millions of sports fans, to being the cheerleader of basement dwelling freaks all across the United States of America.

He has also blamed Conservatives for almost every killer, mass murder, and suicide over the last eight years, not kidding on the killer or mass murder part.

So my fellow Americans, be Patriotic, and snitch on Keith Olbermann. As we must expose him for the vile he is, as his message is so bad, so hardly watched, that we must attack the messenger. God would never forgive us, if we did not do so.

Seriously, if you have Olbermann quotes, videos, etc.....please email me.

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