Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Opponents of Obama are racist?

According to every main stream media network, dozens of members of the House of Representatives, every single liberal blog in the United States, Little Green Footballs, and the second worst President in the United States.....Jimmy Carter, all Conservatives, all opponents to Obamacare, and all members of the tea party movement are white hooded racists.

Besides the fact that I am not a racist, just a strong opinionated Conservative Republican, I can without a doubt call those who call me a racist 100% incorrect, I can also say the same for everyone else who blogs on this website, there is such a thing of politics & opposition without racism being involved.

Over the past several months I have showcased numerous Conservatives & Republicans who are black, who are mad, and who are either running for some office, or are speaking out mad against Obama & the Democrat idiots who follow.

Please, allow me to list all of the black Conservatives & Republicans I have either talked to, or wrote about since I joined this blog, and compare that to the Main Stream Media :

Michael Williams - candidate for United States Senate from Texas, I have supported this man since he announced his intention to run for the Senate seat, and I hope Governor Perry appoints him after Senator Hutchison retires from the Senate later this year.

John Arrington - candidate for United States Senate from Illinois, a good strong Conservative, and the only acceptable choice compared to Mark Kirk in the GOP primary.

Ryan Frazier - candidate for United States Senate from Colorado, a good strong Conservative councilman from Aurora Colorado, is beating the Democrat opponent in the polls, and worked hard in the right to work vote last year in the state.

Kevin Jackson - interviewed this strong Conservative black man back in May, he is a blogger, and appeared on Glenn Beck's television show last week.

Rev.Perryman - interviewed Rev.Perryman several months ago, a man with strong opinions, and I was glad to have had the honor of interviewing him.

I have also blogged about Michael Steele (not in positive terms most of the time), I have blogged about the Republican candidate from the City of Albany, Nathan Lebron, who is a strong black Republican, whom I actually hope runs for Congress in the 21st congressional district in New York.

So am I a racist? No. Are Republicans racist? No. The pure racism which I see, is in liberals of all colors, who call anyone who disagrees with them (especially their black ideological counterparts) racists, which is just disgusting.

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Anonymous said...

You misunderstand their charge. When a modern liberal accuses you of racism, they don't really mean you've got KKK sheets in your closet.

It means they don't have a leg to stand on in a rational debate, they know it, so they're going to do what ever they can to prevent it.

After all, who would waste time debating a racist?


Mr. K said...

I understand it, I just want to attack them on the substance of their comment, to claim Conservatives are somehow racist, is just idiotic. We will support anyone, of any color if they are Conservative. Hell, call us sexists, we love Sarah Palin, Marsha Blackburn, Michelle Bachmann, etc.