Friday, September 18, 2009

Polish Prime Minister is pissed.

While the Prime Minister of Poland was resigned to the fact that America had screwed them to make a deal with the Russian devil (if only....if only......Americans paid better attention to National Security and Senator McCain....), however, on Wednesday night the Polish Prime Minster refused to answer a call from Hillary Clinton.

Tusk told Polish radio that he did not want to speak with Obama on Wednesday night because he wanted to "properly prepare for the discussion."

But reported Friday that it wasn't Obama on the line -- that Tusk actually rejected a call from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -- who called him to detail the plan -- because as a head of government, he thought he should hear from Obama directly. -

I really cannot blame the Polish Prime Minister for being pissed off, as your greatest ally, is pretty much telling you, goodluck with Russia, hopefully you do not end up like Georgia.

Also, why is the head of NATO suggesting a United States/Russia/NATO defense relationship? Do they not realize that Russia is not our friend, Russia helps our enemies, Russia invaded a Nation for no reason last year, these are folks we should not be associated with, especially since they are working against us on all levels, with a communist KGB leader. We need to be working with Nation's like Poland, the Ukraine, Czech Republic, and Georgia to make them stronger national security wise against Russia.

As a strong Eastern Europe against Russia, is a strong United States foreign policy.

Sidenote : The President of the Czech Republic has to be disappointed, since he is such a lover of this great Nation.

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