Friday, September 11, 2009

Remember this.

If you do not learn or appreciate one thing from September eleventh 2009, please remember this, the fight against terrorism started on September eleventh, with the bravest fighters in the world, those on Flight 93. Over the past eight years since, we have killed many terrorist scum, we have liberated two Nations which we're in the clutches of tyranny, we have saved innumerable amount of American lives, we have killed the evilest of evil, we have stood resolved to the world, and proclaimed....we are the United States of America, we are here to stay.

God Bless America!

As for what Mike asked in his earlier article this evening, I remember every moment of September eleventh, even though I hold back tears, just thinking about that day brings not only revenge & hatred to my heart, but a somber side as well.

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