Monday, September 7, 2009

Republican option for Mayor in Albany.

Did you know that in the 2009 Albany Mayoral election, that a Republican is actually in the running? I know its surprising, given the City has elected the same big government liberal hack over the past sixteen or so years, in Mayor Brian Jennings. However, this election has several Democrats, Jennings, and one Republican in the running.

Before we get to the Republican in the running, what do the numbers look like for any Republican candidate in the City of Albany?

Not good at all.

The Democrats have 38,100 voters enrolled compared to the Republicans 3,380 votes enrolled, not to mention the last Republican who ran, back in 2005, received only 1,465 votes, coming in at third place. Lets just say that Albany is not a friendly locale for Republican candidates, and has not had a Republican mayor in literally decades.

So who is this brave candidate? Meet Nathan Lebron, a black Republican who is a man on a mission, attempting to defeat the "Democrat machine" in the City of Albany, wants to put in term limits for all City wide officials, and wants to focus on private sector growth in the City, and deterring crime. He is also the director at Garnet River, an Albany technology firm.

Nathan Lebron is a cancer survivor, who has seen how big government does nothing to help the poor, or should I say, nothing for them to bring themselves out of being poor. As I believe you will find in any City run by Democrats, an attitude that government will do everything, and everyone will not learn their true potential in the greatest Nation of earth.

Lebron is a bright light in a sea of corrupt Democrats, who all they care about is power. Jennings is also apart of the anti-second amendment, Mayors against Illegal Guns, which is just a front for Mayors against the right to bear arms. As the hostile attitude towards the right to bear arms, is the reason why these cities are hell holes of violence, because the good people cannot defend themselves with their Constitutional right to bear arms, while the criminals who will get a gun illegally off of the street, can reign without opposition.

While election day is 2 months away, remember this, there is a GOP option in Albany New York, he appears to be a bright fella, I would suggest casting a vote for Nathan Lebron if you live in the City of Albany, no matter what political party you are in, because the liberal big government approach, has not worked.

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