Saturday, September 12, 2009

Return of dictatorship to Russia.

These past several months has not been good for Republican form of governments, term limits, or freedom for millions across the entire world. As more and more Nations are moving towards dictatorships once more in Latin & South America, atleast one Nation in Africa has taken a step towards tyranny, and only one Nation has actually stood against tyranny & dictatorship, Honduras.

After the Russian people supposedly "elected" President Medvedev, the Constitution was quickly changed, allowing Putin to serve two more terms, lasting a combined twelve years. It is being reported that Putin is considering another run at President in 2012, meaning the return of communist dictatorship is back in Russia, because after those twelve years, who is to say another six year term could not be extended.

It really is sad, for people who have somewhat gained freedom, to elect a puppet of the previous President, and possibly elect the President for another twelve years, perhaps a combined total 20 years served as President if he we're to be elected again. If that is not stealth dictatorship, I have no idea what is.

Then again, we already have Democrats pushing for the Presidential term limits in the United States to be repealed, so he can serve a third term, who is to say he will even get a second one? This just disturbs me, because no man should hold the power of a "free nation" for longer then eight years at the most, hell, I ever support term limits in local Mayoral elections.

Twelve more years of Putin? -
Repeal term limits in America? -

Note : This is America, a Republic, a Nation which values Freedom and small government, not a ruler for decades, and the tyranny which follows.

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