Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rick Lazio for Governor?

It has been reported that former Congressman, and Republican candidate for United States Senate in the state of New York, Rick Lazio, has announced that he will seek the Republican nomination for the upcoming Gubernatorial election next November. Lazio recently traveled to a local Republican BBQ in my area, it could be out of pleasure, or it could be the beginning of rounding GOP support for the upcoming primary. Either way, Lazio gave a good speech, and it was good to see a good Republican speaking at the event.

While the Republican primary is a long way's off, Lazio appears to be a strong candidate for Governor, although as of now I would prefer Rudy Giuliani run for the GOP nomination & in the general election, however, the United States Senate seems like a safer bet for him, especially after what Gillibrand pulled by voting to keep funding for the criminal organization, ACORN.

Would Lazio make a good candidate & a good Governor? Yes, without a doubt to both. He would have a good shot at defeating Governor Paterson, however, an election against Andrew Cuomo would be a longshot, but Cuomo has not announced he will run for the Democrat nomination yet. Lazio has some good fresh ideas, including a call for a Constitutional Convention, however, his call for a unicameral legislative body is a little outlandish.

Should Lazio run for the GOP nomination & possibly for Governor in the general election? Without a doubt, I would be on the campaign the day the nomination was settled. Should all New Yorkers consider the former Long Island congressman, who nearly defeated Clinton during the 2000 Senate election? Yes.

Goodluck to Rick Lazio, I am currently more supportive of Rudy Giuliani, however, Lazio is my second favorite choice for the Republican nomination.

Rick Lazio's website - http://www.lazio.com/

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