Friday, September 11, 2009

Saddam Hussein Quotes About 9/11

Many say that Saddam Hussein was not that bad of a guy, and that the War in Iraq was not neccessary. Let's forget for a moment that he killed thousands of his own people in a mass genocide, forget that he started two wars with his neighbors, and that he was known to use chemical weapons; did you know that every single nation on earth sent it's condolences to the United States after September 11, except for Iraq?

Here are some quotes from this monumental douchebag:

"The United States reaps the thorns its rulers have planted in the world."
Saddam Hussein, September 12, 2001

"The real perpetrators [of September 11] are within the collapsed buildings."
Alif-Ba, September 11, 2002 (State-controlled newspaper)

"[September 11 was] God's punishment."
Al-Iktisadi, September 11, 2002 (State-controlled newspaper)

"If the attacks of September 11 cost the lives of 3,000 civilians, how much will the size of losses in 50 states within 100 cities if it were attacked in the same way in which New York and Washington were? What would happen if hundreds of planes attacked American cities?"
Al-Rafidayn, September 11, 2002 (State-controlled newspaper)

"The simple truth [about September 11] is that America burned itself and now tries to burn the world."
Alif-Ba, September 11, 2002 (State-controlled magazine)

"[I]t is possible to turn to biological attack, where a small can, not bigger than the size of a hand, can be used to release viruses that affect everything..."
Babil, September 20, 2001 (State-controlled newspaper)

"The United States must get a taste of its own poison..."
Babil, October 8, 2001

Personally, I'm glad this asshole is burning in hell.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just read your post about Saddam. Not sure what end of the political spectrum you're on, but who the fuck ever said "Saddam was not that bad of a guy"? That's ridiculous. No American with a shred of credibility on the left, right or in the center ever said anything even remotely close to that, so your whole post is way off base. You missed the whole point.

Saddam was a fucking demon, and I'm glad he's dead, too...though I would have been just fine with them turning him over to the Iraqis for a little of his own medicine, to tell you the truth.

Saddam was ALWAYS a demon, and he was a demon when he gassed Iran and Kurdish villages with chemical weapons provided to him by the United States.

"In violation of the Geneva Protocol of 1925 (which outlaws chemical warfare) the Reagan-Bush Administration authorized the sale of poisonous chemicals and deadly biological stocks, including anthrax. Iraq was already was using chemical weapons-on an "almost daily basis," according to the Washington Post-when envoy Donald Rumsfeld met with Saddam Hussein in 1983, an historic meeting that consolidated an active military partnership."

So it wasn't a question of whether or not he was willing to be the evil piece of human waste that he always was, but whether or not he was willing to be an evil piece of human waste at our bidding. Eventually, he wasn't. The war with Iran ended, and he wasn't as useful to as as Kuwait, which he then invaded. So he became Public Enemy Number One. He committed the most unspeakable atrocities of his career as a U.S. ally. Check your facts.