Sunday, September 13, 2009

Standing for Congressman Joe Wilson.

Congressman Joe Wilson, a Republican from South Carolina who has become both infamous and famous for his "You lie!" outburst at Obama during the Joint Session of Congress last week, while few have stood with Congressman Wilson besides bloggers & Conservative commentators (including myself), most of the media and Representatives across America have turned against this good fella.

It is one thing to turn against someone or oppose them on their merits, however, liberals are attacking Congressman Wilson as being some sort of a racist bigot from South Carolina. An insane argument, especially when you hear the reasons why they believe that is why he yelled at Obama.

  1. Then South Carolina state senator Wilson, back in 2000, was one of only seven Republicans who voted to keep the Confederate flag flying over the state house, he did this for reasons to honor their Southern heritage.
  2. Congressman Wilson has long been a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, an organization that is much like the Northern Sons of Union Veterans, their main goal is to honor those that fought & died on the Southern side of the Civil war. Not a radical proposition.
  3. Wilson served as a congressional aide to Senator Strom Thurmond, oh my goodness! He must be racist, not......
  4. If I am correct, I heard someone also claim that he is racist because he is from South Carolina.........and I guess I'm a liberal because I am from New York. Lies, Lies, Lies & stereotypes.

So, I am oncemore standing for & with Congressman Joe Wilson, to stop the smears against this fine Southern Conservative American Congressman, who is being dubbed something he is not, because he dare speak out against someone who is something we have no idea about.

Remember this, I have family members who fought in the Civil War, on the Union side I might add, I am glad that we won that war, because slavery is a dreadful thing, if Lincoln made it more about slavery from the beginning, folks would have been more inclined to support the war in the North. Do I think Southerners or the Confederate flag should be treated like dirt? Hell, no. Because when I see Southern folks standing for their heritage, much like how us Northerners do as well, I don't see racism, I see pride.

I only wish more could, because Southerners have been given the invisible shaft for too long.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

joe told the truth

acorn lied,

the media lied just look at the photo's around a million + americans showed up filled the mall.