Monday, September 7, 2009

Unions are becoming weaker among the American people.

The American business is close to defeating one of the worst economic enemies in America, the communist like labor unions. With blame nearly 100% on the unions in regards to the pitfalls of General Motors & Chrysler, not to mention the pure hostility which unions have with sane economic principles, and Americans are more then ever against labor unions.

That the situation in Rhode Island is a perfect example of why unions are becoming more & more unpopular, Republican Governor Donald Carcieri, was planning to shut down the state government in non-vital areas for a combined total of twelve days over a multiple month range, mainly near holidays & weekends, meaning all state employees, would be essentially taking a non-paid vacation for twelve days.

Sounds like an effective way to save money, especially in a state like Rhode Island, where it is a miracle to have a Republican elected, let alone do something fiscal conservatively.

The unionized state workers started a ruckus, complaining that for twelve days they will not be paid. Considering the fact those shutdown days are suppose to be about saving money, and not paying money to employees who have not even worked, it makes sense to me. The whiners then got a Justice on the Rhode Island Supreme Court to stop the Governors action, so the full court could hear the issue.

The Governor had enough stalling, as money needed to be saved, so he laid off 1,000 state union workers, not to sound like an old record.......however, money needed/needs to be saved. The above situation played out in Rhode Island last week, as idiotic union workers complained about twelve days of unpaid leave/no work, and 1,000 ended up getting laid off, because of "union greed".

A recent poll done by Gallup, showed amazing polling data, as more Americans now believe unions hurt business more then they help, common sense to any economic or political wizkid. Not to mention bully tactics used by union members/thugs during August health care town hall meetings has also cost unions, political capital among American citizens.

With the greed of unions exposed, the horrific economic conditions they caused for GM & Chrysler, the down right non-fiscal common sense they have, the fact they steal "economic liberty" from business owners, and that they are nothing more then political stooges for the Democrat party. Businesses have a great opportunity to defeat this great economic evil.

However, remember this, this fight has only begun, and our opponents will not quit, we also must remember, neither will we. This fight is to important, to necessary, to the future of Americas economic wellbeing.

Note : The American people need to fight against the "card check" legislation, because we cannot allow conditions to become more favorable for unions. Economic liberty depends on it, as well as our Democratic Republic.

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