Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why the 9/12 Project does not get it.

I will be the first to admit it, and I have personally been annoyed over this subject for the past several weeks. About six months ago, Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck launched the 9/12 Project, an citizen organization based on nine principles & 12 values. I support the organization, however, I believe that Glenn Beck and the 9/12 Project are missing something very important.

National security & foreign policy after September eleventh.

This is what they are missing. Why they are focused on all of the unity, patriotism, and other connections made after the terrorist attacks, they are forgetful that the American people awakened thirsty for blood, and ready for revenge. This is the attitude that we need, as we enter critical mass in the War on Terrorism.

We need the American people prepared to suffer any costs to defeat this enemy. Any burden to rid the world of this evil. And put aside petty differences to support our Nation & Military in this worthy fight against evil. That is what the 9/12 Project should be about, however, I sense as Glenn Beck is becoming more Libertarian, he like the rest of the American public, are starting to forget about the war on terror, and how vital it is to our security as a Nation.

While defeating Obamacare or exposing the czars is very critical, we must never forget about the war on terrorism, which I fear Americans are beginning to do. However, I will never forget, and I will always be writing on this blog, about our efforts...and how we must win this war.

Semper Fi.

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