Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why Grand Theft Auto IV is the Most Overrated Game Ever

All right, folks, this is going to be a little bit of a rant. Heads up, though, because there are going to be some Spoilers involved if you haven't played. Also, don't expect a comprehensive video game list/statistical qualifications/ anything else that would take me a long time to do, I'm just going to tell you why I think GTA IV is not as great as reviewers say.

First things first: Grand Theft Auto IV is a good game, maybe a very good game. But it is far from being a great game.

GTA IV Cover

Disregard the reviews on Metacritic (which have it at 98 out of 100); the same people are still giving new sub-par Maddens 86 out of 100. What should really grab your attention is the 79/100 that the average person gives it (on the Xbox 360; on the PS3, it gets a meager 75). Let me break it down for you. Imagine getting a 98 on a test in High School. For me, I'd be tap-dancing on the top of the school if I did that on a major test, because it's a great grade. A 79, however, is nothing to be proud of, and definitely nothing that would get me on top of the school dancing.

Now, you might say that that happens to all games, or at least is a common occurrence. Sorry, but that's not true. Take Final Fantasy VII for example, which is a personal favorite of mine, and widely known as a great, if overrated game, much like GTA IV. The critics gave it a 92/100. But what did the average person give it? A 91/100. That's right, just one off.

Final Fantasy VII (Awesome)

In fact, according to Metacritic, while GTA IV is the highest rated of the modern GTA games (including to GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas) amongst critics, it is the lowest rated amongst the average person. Something tells me I'm not alone in thinking that IV is overrated.

But stats are subjective in a way, so let me tell you why GTA IV is not as good as its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. First let me say that the graphics and physics engine on IV far surpasses San Andreas; there is no doubt. However, there are more important things.

One, so-called RPG elements. In San Andreas, you could improve your gun skills, your driving skills, your muscles, and your stamina. These are all missing in IV, every single one.

Very Good Point!

Two, variation. There are less choices in cars, motorcycles, and clothes. There are no hills in IV, you can't get a jet plane or a tank, you can't even dive underwater. What the hell?

Three, fun. Remember the excitement you got from hijacking that tank I mentioned a couple of sentences ago? How about flying that jet through the skies of San Andreas? Impossible in GTA IV because there are no tanks and there are no jet planes.
Seen Here: Fun

Grand Theft Auto IV is not this great game that so many hail. It is a good game, no more and no less. The game of our time? Hardly. It can't even compare to its ancestors, and the people who have played it will tell you so. I'm sorry, GTA IV, but you are not what people say you are.

My score for GTA IV:
An 8 out of 10

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1 comment:

Faisal said...

Agreed that gta IV is over rated (from what I've played of it so far) but not exactly for the same reasons as yours. For me the main problem with the game is simply that the missions are simply not as enjoyable as past gta's. There are too many simple / dull missions mixed in with a few truly excellent ones. Other problems are the soundtrack which is not as strong this time round, the increasingly over the top unsubtle 'humour' and last but not least the character of Nico albeit interesting and detailed is not truly beleivable. He does too many things which seems out of character or contradict what he says. Takes some of the enjoyment out of the story for me.