Monday, October 12, 2009

216 Republicans in Congress support our Troops.

If and when the United States Congress ever considers the troop increases which General McChrystal is pleading for, the troop increases would have 216 Republicans supporting them 100% according to my calculations, only one Republican would not support our troops, the war, or the efforts for freedom in Afghanistan & Iraq, as well as our freedom here in the United States, along with the revenge and destruction of the enemy which we seek.

Can you guess the Republican who will not support troop increases? It is not Chuck Hagel as he is no longer in the United States Senate, infact the Republican is a member of the United States House of Representatives, a Representative from the state of Texas, a resident of the fourteenth congressional district, and though no Democrat opposed him, a more Conservative Republican earned 30% of the vote against this Republican during the GOP primary.

Still unsure of who this Republican is? This Republican has not supported a Republican candidate for President............since ever, has run for President under the Libertarian party, supports all parties except the Republican party, never supports our troops in any aspect, and even voted against legislation which protects war heroes from protests during their funeral.

Meet Congressman Ron Paul, the one Republican out of 217 in the United States Congress, who will not support our troops, last year Conservative Republican Chris Peden launched a campaign to replace Ron Paul in Washington, and to offer a real representative to the voters in the fourteenth congressional district, however, during the primary election in which 53,000 Republicans participated, Peden received only 30% of the vote.

Just remember this my fellow Americans, if and ever the debate over troop increases manages to reach the United States House of Representatives, the troops have 176 guaranteed votes to increase troop levels to win the war, and if the measure fails by one vote, I hope Republicans in the fourteenth congressional district in Texas realize who is to blame.

Support our troops - vote Ron Paul out of office during the 2010 Republican primary election.

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