Wednesday, October 14, 2009

40 Against Baucus legislation, ???????? For Baucus legislation?

We all know that the Baucus bill passed committee with 13 Democrats and 1 Republican (Senator Snowe), however, if we crunch the numbers in regards to the complete Senate the legislation has 40 confirmed Senators in opposition to the Baucus bill, which includes 39 Republicans and Independent Senator Joe Lieberman, who opposes the legislation because the taxation on lower income Americans will be unbearable.

While we cannot trust Senator Lieberman in terms of definite opposition, if we can peel off Senator Lincoln or get Senator Snowe against the legislation, which could happen after Democrat plans to merge the bill with an even more radical health care bill which passed a different committee, in theory we could have 41-42 votes against Obamacare in the United States Senate, however, I will not put a dime on that.

I am not a large fan of Senator Lieberman, however, his stances on foreign policy are noteworthy, and his current opposition to the Baucus bill is very important to the future of the United States of America, while it may be based on one small part of the legislation...which has yet to be officially written, I'll take any opposition for any reason.

Senator Snowe? Senator Snowe? Either oppose this legislation, or join Arlen Specter with the Democrats.

Lieberman opposes legislation -

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