Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chicago olympics & Sarah Palin.

As I am sure all of you are aware, the 2016 Summer Olympics was awarded to Rio De Janeiro of the Nation of Brazil, over Madrid Spain, Tokyo Japan, and the City of Chicago in the United States of America. While some would question the Patriotism of Conservatives who opposed the Olympics coming to the United States, I would rather ask, is this what you want to be the representative of the United States?

A City which restricts common Constitutional rights that all Americans have, has one of the most corrupt administrations in the United States in term of the Mayors office, has the worst murder rate in the United States, is a dwelling of gangs and corrupt politicians reside in this City from the United States Senate to the local aldermen. Does that represent Chicago? Besides the fact it will cost taxpayers billions of dollars, when we already know without stiff economic management, it will be a complete economic bust.

Not to mention, President Barack Obama gave a speech to the I.O.C attempting to sway the mass to support Chicago in their Olympic bid, when even more of the residents in Chicago we're against the Olympic bid in the first place, as Barack Obama once again degraded the Office of President of the United States by attempting to be the "President of the World", it appears the I.O.C was sticking to protocol of selecting a host city, instead of being swayed by the "one".

Now some are blogging that if Sarah Palin we're speaking at the I.O.C, telling the world about all of the good that America has done, why we are the greatest Nation in the world, that America would have gotten the Olympic bid. Seriously, whether Palin or Obama is the President, I don't want to see them giving a speech in front of the I.O.C, that is for Olympic organizers from that City, State, and other officials to do.

Not the President of the United States.

As for the suggestions of Wasilla 2020 for the Summer Olympics, that is something I would support 100%, now Alaska, that is somewhere which represents American greatness.

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