Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Commander in Ignorance.

General asks for 40,000 - 60,000 troop surge in Afghanistan.

Republicans support the move 100%, call on White House to follow the Generals request.

Liberals bitch & moan about more troops, would rather put Taliban fighters on welfare.

George Will becomes a jackass, Republicans attempt to have the General speak before Congress.

The General speaks to Sixty minutes, before speaking to Obama for a second time in 70 days.

Obama moves to muzzle his General, because his General is correct.

Obama decides to send only 13,000 troops, most of which are not even troops....but rather medial personal, engineers, intelligence experts, and military police.

Conservatives scratch their heads. As the General needs at least 27,000 more troops, not to mention the General needs full force fighting troops, not more people to protect.

All in all, Obama has screwed the Military again.

I really question whether or not Obama really cares about anything besides himself, General McChrystal wants 40,000 fighting troops for a surge like deployment into Afghanistan, this strategy has been proven to be successful in Iraq, however, Obama decides to send non-fighting troops in Afghanistan, 27,000 less then what the General wanted.

Does he not realize that our Generals & troops on the ground Need backup NOW! They need additional troops NOW! That the future of this Nation & Afghanistan is one the line! Either Obama is the most ignorant man ever to occupy the White House or he is intentionally setting our Troops and our Nation to fail, which would be a first for the supposed Commander in Chief of the United States Armed forces.

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