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EXCLUSIVE: Interview With GOP Candidate for Congress, Isaac Hayes

Republican candidate for Congress in Illinois second congressional district, the Rev. Isaac Hayes recently answered a few questions for me. I asked him about his congressional election, where he stands on the issues, his opponent (Democrat Jesse Jackson Jr.), and insidious attacks which the leftwing blogosphere has launched against the Reverend.

In case you forgot the story of the Democratic Underground attacking the Rev. Isaac Hayes, please visit this article at the American Spectator -

For the interview you all have been waiting for, I give you the Rev. Isaac Hayes, Republican candidate for the United States Congress in Illinois second congressional district.

Tim Knight - Mr. Hayes, as Congressman what would you work to achieve in the House of Representatives?

Isaac Hayes -
  • Tim, it’s very simple. I will work to give parents more choices, businesses less taxes, entrepreneurs less barriers, and pay-to-play politics the boot.
  • School Choice is necessary to allow honor students like Derrion Albert an opportunity to attend safer schools. His untimely death could have been prevented had his mother been given the option to send him to a better school.
  • Economic Development is necessary to create jobs in cities like Robbins, IL, which has a 98% poverty rate. I will work with state and local officials to bring businesses to our district. I want businesses to keep more of their profits so that they can hire more people and give more benefits to their employees.
  • Entrepreneurship is important for all communities because local businesses keep money in the communities in which they operate. According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses represent 99.7% of all employer firms. Economists opine that our economy will not recover until small businesses begin entering the market place. I am proposing a five-year tax free incentive for entrepreneurs who start businesses in underserved and under-privileged communities.
  • Reform in Illinois’ politics is long overdue. Elected officials at all levels of government have abused their public trust. I have set a self-imposed term limit of eight years as U.S. Congressman because I want the good people of IL-2 to know I am here for them and not special interest groups. I want to extend the revolving door policy, increasing the number of years a Congressman or his/her staff can return to lobby former colleagues. Finally, we must limit the purchase of influence to prevent elected officials from using their influence in exchange for campaign contributions.

  • Tim Knight - Mr. Hayes, you have been viciously attacked by left wing websites, what do you have to say about that?

    Isaac Hayes -
    It is unfortunate that these left wing attack groups have to stoop to such egregious behavior. What’s good about this, if we can find any good in it, is that it signals their concerns about our chances of winning. They realize that I am a different breed of Republican with over ten years of community work and a large network of religious leaders – an usually loyal block of supporters for Democrats. While they may seek to demean my person, they cannot smear my history of talking to prisoners, feeding the homeless, visiting nursing homes, and helping our youth. This body of work intimidates them because they can’t use their regular, “He aint black enough” strategy.

    Tim Knight - Mr. Hayes, Jesse Jackson Jr. is not exactly a clean "statesmen", can he be beaten in the 2nd congressional district?

    Isaac Hayes -
  • Absolutely, my opponent can be beaten. I find it interesting that you used the term “statesmen” because that’s exactly what we need more of. We don’t need more politicians; Lord knows we have more of them than we can shake a stick at. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what my opponent is – a politician.
  • He has learned the art of pay-to-play politics. He became Congressman after the previous Representative was convicted of sexual assault of a minor. Instead of lifting our district out of the embarrassment of that scandal, he tried to subvert the will of the people by attempting to purchase a U.S. Senate Seat. Second, Bloomberg News reports his funneling of $500,000 to his wife using various aliases. Finally, recent news revealed the House Ethics Committee is investigating his inappropriate use of his staff for campaign purposes.
  • Quite frankly, the citizens of our district are fed up. After nearly sixteen years of occupying that office, he has done absolutely nothing but focus on becoming mayor of Chicago or recently a U.S. Senator. Just another politician.
  • I, on the other hand, have no political debts to pay. There are no I.O.U.s on my books. My clean record has been welcomed by frustrated citizens who just want someone that stands for honesty and integrity. I’m that person.

  • Tim Knight - Mr. Hayes, you are a proud black Conservative Republican, from what I have seen, black Republicans tend to be disrespected, what say you?

    Isaac Hayes -

  • I am a proud American who happens to be Black, Conservative and Republican. I find it unfortunate that Identity Politics has created such division among Americans and ethnicities. There is no longer any tolerance for disagreement. To assert that espousing the same principles of Booker T. Washington is anti-Black is as ludicrous as the Radical Left that labeled him an Uncle Tom.
  • I just ignore the haters and continue to promote my message of education, self-sufficiency, and traditional family values.
  • Tim Knight - Mr. Hayes, would you stand for the Constitutional rights to bear arms as Congressman?

    Isaac Hayes -

  • I am a strong proponent for upholding the 2nd Amendment. I recently applauded the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the Chicago Gun Ban. According to the Chicago Police Department, there were more than 500 homicides in 2008, half of them gang related.
  • There is nothing more pressing for a man than the right to protect his family. Thomas Jefferson once said, “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined or determined to commit crimes. Such laws only make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assassins; they serve to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” The people of Chicago and its South Suburbs can concur with this statement all too well.
  • Tim Knight - Mr. Hayes, Jesse Jackson Jr. is a founding member of the Apollo Alliance, a radical left wing organization which has connections to Van Jones, what are your thoughts on this subject?

    Isaac Hayes -

  • His significant involvement in the Apollo Alliance is scary, though it probably explains why he has done nothing in nearly sixteen years to move this district forward. It is no secret that the Radical Left is intent on destroying capitalism and the liberties we enjoy under the U.S. Constitution. My fear is that America will not realize what is taking place under the guise of “change” until it is too late.
  • There is hope however. People like you who are exposing these deep-rooted connections between my opponent and American-hate groups like the Apollo Alliance help to uncover a systematic push to turn America into something far different than our founding fathers envisioned.
  • Tim Knight - Mr. Hayes, how can any regular American from around the Nation, Illinois, and the second congressional district help your campaign?

    Isaac Hayes -
    Tim, I am so glad you asked that question. As you highlighted, groups like the Apollo Alliance are well funded, and people like me are a threat to the status quo position they enjoy holding, particularly in urban communities. The lies and deception they spread are outright atrocities, but without my ability to refute and rebut their lies our chances of winning decrease.

  • Regular Americans like those who read your blog can visit my website at and contribute financially, signup for our email updates, or volunteer to help our campaign. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share with you and your readers.
  • Rev. Isaac Hayes, we would like to thank you for this interview, and we encourage all who read this interview to visit , or , and consider a political contribution to his campaign. It is nice to see a candidate who mentions Thomas Jefferson, understands the dangers of the Apollo Alliance, and his a deep seeded Conservative against all odds.

    God Bless you sir. Isaac Hayes for Congress!

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