Monday, October 5, 2009

Honduras.....please don't falter.

With several weeks to the next national elections in the Nation of Honduras, pressure on Honduras is beginning to strain the Interim President to maximum levels, as pressure from Nations in South America, Latin America, and even the United States of America to restore the despot to power, who illegally was attempting to hold a vote to make him dictator for life, violating the Honduran Constitution.......which requires immediate removal of the despot.

Honduras is a lone beacon in a sea of tyranny, a lone Nation that has finally regarded their Constitution in Latin America or South America for that point, however, the United States of America is no longer a Nation which celebrates freedom and a Nation fighting back against dictatorships and Hugo Chavez, Barack Obama's state department condemns freedom and joins with communist dictator thugs such as Hugo Chavez.

Honduras has stood strong, with the aid of dozens of Republican lawmakers coming to their defense, including Senator Jim DeMint from the state of South Carolina, who has recently taken a trip to Honduras to meet with the Interim President. John Kerry attempted to roadblock DeMint's trip to Honduras, however, thankfully it did not work.

Honduras is a Nation which is deeply in trouble, no other Nation in the world is coming to their defense, very few lawmakers are rallying to their cause, Conservatives in the United States are for the most part on the side of the freedom fighters in Honduras, which in this case, just involved standing for their very own Constitution. Now Honduras is facing pressure from around the world and from within to falter, my message to Honduras is -

Please do not falter to evil, please do not falter to misguided heads of state who support the despot, please do not give up your freedoms, please have your elections and keep your Constitutional President in place until those elections.

Honduras, simply put, stick with Freedom, because so few other Nations are....

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