Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Illinois - land of blogger campaigns.

While the Obama administration, the United States Congress, and numerous states across America are making devastating mistakes, are investing debt as our future, and Democrats are facing the hatchets across almost all fifty states, Conservative Republican bloggers from Illinois are leading the way for citizen campaigns for elected office.

Challenging a moderate Republican

Conservative Republican blogger, Paul Mitchell of the Regular thoughts blog, had enough of Republican Representative Sandy Cole's horrible record on pro-life issues, among other concerns. Thus, Paul Mitchell has launched a Primary challenge against Cole, hoping to win the nomination to represent the Republican party in Illinois 62nd district.

I have talked to Mitchell before, he feels confident about his challenge to Cole and that Republicans want a real Conservative Republican, with the primary season in just a few short months, I guess we will see if his primary challenge has any merits. Mitchell is as Conservative as they come, a devout Catholic, and all around good guy.

Taking over for a retiring Republican

It has been announced that Matt Burden, of the Blackfive pro-military website is seeking the Republican nomination to replace the retiring Republican Representative Bob Biggins in Illinois 41st district. Burden is running on a campaign of Conservative principles, and running as a man who has served his fellow citizens for decades, including his years of service in the United States Air Force, which all of us at Jumping in Pools thank Mr.Burden for.

Burden's platform includes recalling corrupt officials, job creation, opposing tax increases, smart reforms to bring down health care costs, and removing caps on charter schools. Burden will be facing off against atleast one other Conservative Republicas for the GOP nomination, Peter Breen of the Thomas Moore Society, a Conservative organization which is based on pro-life principles, was a candidate, but has left the race.

What does this mean for the common Conservative Republican across America, whether a blogger, pundit, reader, or a opinionist such as I am. It means that the leaders of the Conservative blogosphere are beginning to put down the laptop, and are beginning to do the real work which is needed in elected offices across the Nation.

Paul Mitchell for Illinois House of Representatives - http://www.paulfor62.com/
Matt Burden for Illinois House of Representatives - http://www.mattburdenforus.com/

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Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Thanks for the mention! The Breen campaign announced today that Peter is withdrawing from that race in the 41st.

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