Sunday, October 18, 2009

Letting them win.

After it was announced that Rush Limbaugh would be dropped by a group attempting to purchase the St.Louis Rams, I became enraged at radical leftists, the media, Al Sharpton, etc. for ruining the bid of a man who loves the National Football League, because he is a Conservative. Not to mention such vulgar lies have been spread through out the media, false quotes, slanderous attacks, you name it...the (UN)civil liberals have done it.

Now, some Conservatives are thinking about never watching the National Football League ever again. To me, this signals that the other side has won. How so? Some will ask, we're the one's no-longer watching the National Football League.

Well, liberals have just taken away another one of our freedoms, enjoyments, traditions. Liberals have just criminalized our thoughts & beliefs in regards to a sport, which is based on our competitive & successful thoughts & beliefs. Liberals have now banned one of our own from owning a National Football League team, if we boycott, then they have banned us from watching the league.

We cannot let them take another thing from us. We cannot fall into the liberal attitude of boycotting something just because you happen to disagree with a political decision. We are better then that, they ban our guy, however, we still enjoy the game. Even Rush Limbaugh is not calling for a boycott, why would he? He loves the game, that is all that matters.

If you decide to no longer watch the National Football League because of the liberal slime which have denied Rush Limbaugh a seat at the table, then they have just denied you of your love of the game.

This is the United States of America, where any American can become successful, and I am not going to let some damn liberal jackasses get in the way of me watching & cheering for the New York Jets every Sunday, and you shouldn't either.

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