Sunday, October 11, 2009

President John McCain, like the sound of that.

Apparently some leftwing bloggers are upset that Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) has the gall to appear on fourteen Sunday morning shows over the timeline of 38 weeks, considering Obama appeared on five Sunday shows in one day, and has orated an estimated 300 speeches in under 300 days in Office, it appears that those on the left do not like it when a Republican is on the air once every 2.7 weeks.....and their man is making a speech more then once a day.

Whether some like it or not, Senator McCain is here to stay, he was the Republican nominee for President last November, while he cannot really claim to be the head of the Republican party, he is one of the most important members in the United States Congress under the Republican banner. If 14 appearances over 38 weeks annoys you, how does 300 speeches over 270 days sound? Sounds like a neverending affection with ones own voice = Barack Obama.

Hot Air has more on this subject, , it is also interesting to opine that the White House is no longer calling FoxNews a news channel, but rather a wing of the Republican party, that is funny.....because FoxNews usually spends just as much time going after phony Republicans as they do far-left liberals. Not to mention, former White House Bush administration officials join FoxNews, liberal news network commentators join the Obama administration. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

As for "President John McCain, like the sound of that", just imagine if John McCain was elected President of the United States, we would be surging in Afghanistan right now, our allies in Eastern Europe and Israel would be respected as should be, Freedom fighters in Iran and Honduras would be supported, we would not be heading into such financial disaster, our Nation would have six Conservative originalist Justices on the Supreme Court, etc. etc. Trust me, I know McCain would be pushing numerous horrific ideas at the same time, however, we would have a + administration when looking through all of the issues, instead of a - administration on everything.

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