Monday, October 5, 2009

Republican lawmakers meet with Interim Honduras President.

While the Democrat party is becoming more and more so the party of appeasers towards dictators and evil across the world, the Republican party is standing strong for freedom, especially in the case of Honduras. A Nation with a dictator wannabe who was attempting to hold a rigged vote to basically make him "President" for life, thankfully these actions are against the Honduras Constitution, thus the Military, Congress, and the Supreme Court acted on what was right, kicking out the dictator wannabe.

Several months later, Democrats are pushing for the dictator wannabe to be re-instated as leader of the Nation, which is in direct violation of the Honduras Constitution, and would place a man who is friends and has the same goals as Hugo Chavez back into power, over the Constitutional President, over the freedoms of a Republic and Democracy, and against the freedoms which has made America the greatest Nation in the world.

Dozens of Republicans have publicly supported Honduras through out the situation, standing with freedom and the Honduras Constitution. While the Democrats continue to pressure Republicans to not visit the Nation, as they claim it is under the definition of "coup", which according to the actual definition and the circumstances surrounding the Honduras situation, is a flat out lie by leftwing nutjobs.

After Senator DeMint and a Republican delegation visited Honduras, three Republican Cuban-American Representatives from south Florida have met with the Interim Honduras President in Honduras, as the State Department has voided the visas of all Honduras officials, making it impossible for them to enter the United States.

With several weeks to the upcoming Honduras election, many questions will be asked within congressional circles in the United States. Will the United States of America recognize a legitimate Presidential election by the voters in the Nation of Honduras? Or will they continue to oppose freedom and the Honduras Democratic-Republic system of government.

Republican Representatives visit Honduras President -

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