Sunday, October 4, 2009

Republican Study Committee might have a new member.

The Conservative Republican caucus of Republican members in the House of Representatives, the Republican Study Committee, might be welcoming in a new member to their congressional caucus pending on the results of the special election in New York's 23rd congressional district on election day.

According to a Jumping in Pools source from within the campaign, Conservative candidate for House of Representatives, Doug Hoffman, along with caucusing with the Republicans, will join the Republican Study Committee if elected to the House of Representatives. Hoffman would add to the 114 member congressional caucus, which is chaired by Congressman Tom Price from Georgia's sixth congressional district, and would join Congressman Christopher Lee as the only other New York Congressman in the caucus.

This promise continues to raise the stakes among Conservatives & Republicans alike as election day dawns on the 23rd congressional district, as all indicators point towards a Congressman Scozzafava having no part of the Conservative caucus, and no part of numerous issues which are apart of the House Republicans agenda.

The question remains, what does the Republican Study Committee think about the possibility of Doug Hoffman joining their caucus if elected, while Hoffman is running on the Conservative line, he is as much as a Republican as Congressman Price is, an email to Alex Shively, the Director of Conservative Coalitions with the RSC, has not been returned in the past 24 hours.

While the impact of Doug Hoffman joining the Republican Study Committee if elected should be minimal at the most, it speaks to where Hoffman is coming from, as a Conservative Republican who will do all of what a Conservative Republican should be doing as an elected representative in the House of Representatives.

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