Saturday, October 10, 2009

Republicans........differences are OK, war is not acceptable.

Author's note : This article relates to battles within the Republican party, not an actual war, that I would be 100% for.

As the Obama administration is becoming weaker in achieving their agenda, the Republicans in Congress are doing a fantastic job of staying united against all of the bonehead proposals which have been brought up over the past nine months, to the point of potential Senate pickups during the 2010 elections in areas once though to be no-mans land for Republican candidates.

Ironically, Republican grassroots is at the same fighting against one another, whether it be over the congressional election in New York state, or infighting and protection of ones favorite candidate for the Republican nomination in 2012. While the congressional election has divided Conservatives from New York to Washington D.C., causing Conservative candidate (whom I support) Doug Hoffman receiving assistance from massive star power, the political side of this is starting to get ugly.

Take for instance, the former Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, Congressman Jeb Hensarling has been attacked by the Conservative blog Redstate, for supporting Scozzafava's campaign, while the current Chairman of the Committee does not. While it is true Hensarling is supporting a far more liberal candidate then Doug Hoffman, who as reported by Jumping in Pools earlier this week, will join the Republican Study Committee if elected, however, to call him a "party man" as if it was a insult, is sophomoric.

You could call me a "party man", as I support all Republicans running for election except for Scozzafava, as I feel Hoffman is the only true Republican in this election, the National Rifle Association a "party club" as well, I mean they supported Scozzafava as well, is Fred Thompson a "third party lunatic?", NO! Fred Thompson is only supporting the real Republican in this election, difference in opinion is acceptable.

Lets also take a look at the 2012 Republican nomination, while I support a Senator DeMint bid for President in 2012, I have not trashed any of DeMint's possible opponents, because I know I might be supporting them as well in one point or another over the next three years, not to mention it is to early to start campaigning for 2012. We have countless blogs & websites devoted by a group of Republican grassroots who support one candidate or the other, and sometimes the tension between Republicans supporting one candidate or the other is straining the much needed unity we have to have right now.

Am I calling for Conservative & Republican bloggers to halt their support of candidates? No. This is America, I am not Obama, never will be. Do I believe that Conservative & Republican bloggers need to delay the 2012 bickering to at least 2011? Without a doubt, as we have legislation & upcoming elections which are close and crucial to the future of America.

My fellow Republicans, we can have all the differences we like, we can bicker and debate, however, we need to focus on the tasks at hand of defeating the Obama administration and winning seats for the Republican party during the 2010 elections, we cannot become involved in a war between Republican group A supports Huckabee and Republican group B supports Palin, we need to be united....not divided.

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