Friday, October 9, 2009

Senate Republicans could bounce back big time in 2010.

When focus started to shift towards the 2010 elections in the United States Senate, the picture appeared bleak for the Republican party, as Ohio, Missouri, New Hampshire, Kentucky, and even Florida all had Republicans retiring from office, and the party was only able to claim two of those states during the 2008 Presidential election.

It appeared a third straight debacle was possible for the Republican party.

That has all changed. Nine months into Obama's term, the United States electorate is scared to hell about the plans that Obama & his Democrat cohorts are pushing in the Senate and the House of Representatives, as Americans just do not like all of these big government, big spending, loss of freedom initiatives which Obama and his ilk are proposing, plus the Republicans strong push back despite their small numbers, is impressive.

As recent polling has indicated, the New Hampshire Senate election is going well for Republican Kelly Ayotte, both Republicans Charlie Crist & Marco Rubio are doing well in Florida, Republican candidate Trey Grayson is polling well in Kentucky, Congressman Roy Blunt is in a battle in Missouri, and former United States Congressman Rob Portman is running neck & neck with both Democrat candidates in Ohio. All races that seemed near impossible in January, are all going well for the Republican candidates.

The real worrisome conditions are for Senate Democrats :

Arkansas - Senator Blanche Lincoln is trailing all four Republicans opponents as of now for the Senate election next year.

Colorado - Senator Bennett is trailing Republican Ryan Frazier, and if the former Republican Lt.Governor got involved, Bennett would be trailing by near 10% points.

Nevada - Senator Harry Reid is trailing both confirmed Republican candidates by nearly 10% points in numerous polls.

Connecticut - Senator Dodd, whom is haunted by numerous scandals, is trailing former Republican Congressman Rob Simmons by a good margin.

Wisconsin - Senator Russ Feingold is actually trailing in his Senate re-election bid, if former Republican Governor Tommy Thompson we're to enter the race.

Delaware - Republican Congressman Mike Castle is leading the primary Democrat front runner in Delaware's upcoming Senate election.

With the Republicans doing well in their five main seats which they have to defend, and doing very well in six Democrat seats, the 2010 elections could bring a huge bounce back for Republicans not only in the House of Representatives, but in the United States Senate, however, just two victories in Democrat seats will stop Obama's agenda stone cold.

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