Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Senator Snowe does it again.

When all of the political chips are on the table, when all of the cards are about to be revealed, most Republicans unite either behind or against legislation, especially legislation which deals with 1/6th of the economy, and Democratic plans to take it over for personal control. However, Senate Republicans are nearly all opposed to the current government takeover being discussed in Committee, but when the committee vote finally comes about, Republican Senator Olympia Snowe will once again betray the American people, and join the big government/Obama parade towards socialism.

This is at least the second time Snowe has betrayed the Republican party, the American people, the Constitution, Capitalism, and common decency over the past several months, as she previously supported Obama's "stimulus legislation" which has stimulated the national debt, pork projects, and has helped to raise the unemployment rate to near 10%. All of this, while Snowe claims to be a "fiscal Conservative", let us remember according to the Senate Conservatives Fund, Senator Snowe has a bleak 17% Conservative rating, that is below fellow Republican Maine Senator Susan Collins & Five Democrats.

I am still hopeful the Obama/Democrat plans on health care will fail, our freedoms, liberties, and the greatest health care system in the world are at stake. However, if we fail to stop this legislation in the United States Senate, you can inpart blame Senator Snowe for the destruction of Capitalism in the United States health care system, a system which no other Nation can compete with.

We need Capitalistic measures to improve our health care system, not socialistic weapons meant to destroy the greatest health care system. Apparently the supposed "fiscal conservative" Olympia Snowe does not understand that, then again....I don't believe she wants to.

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