Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Should Congressman Castle run for Senate?

Republican Congressman, Michael Castle of Delaware, will announce later today whether or not he will seek the Republican nomination to run for the United States Senate seat vacated by Joe Biden, or if he will run for a tenth term in the United States House of Representatives, of if Congressman Castle will just retire after three decades in elected office.

Congressman Castle is one of the most liberal Republicans in the entire House of Representatives, including his support for the dreadful cap & trade legislation, being pro-choice, and being the President of the Republican Main Street Partnership, which is why Castle has been able to hold his Congressional seat in the very Democrat Delaware for all these years.

From a Conservative Republican perspective, Republicans like Congressman Castle make me scream unless they are in states like Delaware, which is the only exception to the Conservative Republican rule (If in the North East, deal with Liberalish Republicans, to a certain degree), however, should Castle run for the United States Senate?

I believe Castle should not.

The House of Representatives is very important in the 2010 congressional elections, with Republican momentum rivaling the 1994 Republican revolution, the opportunity to retake the House of Representatives is there, and we will need every possible vote to get there. That includes Congressman Castle, in a district no-other Republican will win in.

Am I a fan of Congressman Castle? Not really. However, should Castle remain in the United States House of Representatives? Yes, without a doubt.

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