Thursday, June 10, 2010

Angle Leads Reid by 11%

Coming off of her dramatic win in the Nevada Republican Senatorial primary on Tuesday, Sharron Angle has jumped to an 11% lead over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Keep in mind that something similar happened in Pennsylvania after the Senate primary which saw Joe Sestak beat incumbent Arlen Specter. Within a week or so Sestak was losing to Republican Pat Toomey. This poll was conducted by Rasmussen, the most accurate polling firm in the country.

Angle: 50%
Reid: 39%
Undecided/Other: 11%

If these numbers hold up, Reid needs to win all of the undecided/other votes in order to just tie Angle. Keep in mind that Nevada is a Western-libertarian state, which may actually mean that Angle's nomination helps the GOP instead of hurts it. Also keep in mind that this poll was done before Reid's campaign launches its expected heavy attacks on the female candidate.

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Harrison said...

Let's hope the lead holds... still a lot of time left till voting though.