Friday, June 4, 2010

Castro: Obama Should Nuke Iran

Okay-- we had to deal with the thought of the United States government nuking the oil spill yesterday. Today, former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is claiming that President Obama will have an easier chance of gaining a second term, if only he nuked Iran. I think that Fidel, known for outlandish bullshitting in the past, may actually be going senile now.

"Could Obama enjoy the emotions of a second presidential election without having the Pentagon or the State of Israel, whose conduct does not in the least obey the decisions of the United States, use nuclear weapons against Iran?" he asked. "How would life on our planet be after that?"

"President Obama can give hundreds of speeches, trying to reconcile contradictions that are irreconcilable ... dreaming of the magic of his well-articulated phrases," he wrote.

But Castro said Obama "makes concessions to personalities and groups totally lacking in ethics and draws fantasy worlds that only fit in his head and that unscrupulous advisers, knowing his tendencies, plant in his mind."

Can't Castro just die already and do the world a favor? Also, he can take his panface brother with him, too.

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