Friday, June 11, 2010

Exposed: Liberal Plots to Make Tea Party Appear Racist, Uneducated; Democratic Underground, Daily Kos Discussed Plans Openly

Remember a while back when the liberal media tried to portray the Tea Party as racist? The main focus of the Main Stream Media was the perception that Tea Partiers would say racial or outlandish things. Countering this claim, many Tea Partiers believed that those who incited violence or hatred were plants.

Lo and behold that not only were many of these racists not members of the Tea Party, but members of the liberal bastions Democratic Underground and Daily Kos who openly planned, gave advice, and admitted to "infiltrating" the Tea Party movement.

For those who have been on top of the situation, you may have already heard of Jason Levin, who founded the "Crash the Tea Party" and his quote:

"Our plan is not to shout them down, but to infiltrate them and push them farther from the mainstream."
This nut-job may have been considered a lone case, someone who simply said those things to get attention. But it goes deeper. For the first time on the conservative blogosphere, here are actual quotes from Democratic Underground in which they openly discuss plans to "infiltrate" the Tea Party. This screen shot comes from a topic entitled "Foes of tea party movement to infiltrate rallies." Click on the photo for better quality:

"Spell your signs wrong. Look dumb."

This shot comes from a discussion entitled "Why I Prefer My Tea Parties With Little Cakes and No Politics, Thanks:"
"I don't know about you but, to me, this smells like an opportunity to infiltrate..."
And this screen shot from a discussion about a Fox News report:
"I actually did. . . You should join us at the next one."
There are also numerous topics about getting into Tea Parties for the sole purpose of making them look bad, such as "Fashion tip for the day - What shall I wear to infiltrate the teabaggers in San Antonio?"

If you thought that these infiltration plots were only limited to Jason Levin and Democratic Underground, you are mistaken again. Daily Kos members also openly discussed infiltrating Tea Parties. This quote comes from a diary entitled "Infiltrators:"

"I infiltrated the Madison Tea Party..."
Here is another from another discussion about infiltration:

"All those misspelled signs were created by Democratic infiltrators..."
Here, a Daily Kos member exclaims that they "love" infiltrators and may soon participate in sneaking into a Glenn Beck rally:

"I love infiltrators..."
In this quote, a member asks about infiltration:

"Why not show up & infiltrate?"

There you have it. When you turn on the news and see racist signs supposedly made by Tea Partiers, stop and think a moment. If you look closely, you may very well be looking at someone who has snuck into a gathering for the sole purpose of spreading hate and deception.

For shame.

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RM said...

Slam dunk!

Fenway_Nation said...

Hmm....if the Tea Party was already racist and stupid, why would they need to work so hard at infiltrating make them appear racist and stupid? Shouldn't there already be an endless supply of examples reagarding the Tea Party's alleged racism instead of manufacturing your own examples by showing up as infiltrators.

Seriously, what kind of dumbass willingly casts his lot with the quisling koslings?