Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Facebook Removes Everybody Draw Mohammed Day Group, Leaves Virulent Anti-Semitic Groups

Warning- This article contains quotes that may contain offensive language; for every picture, click on them for better quality.

Facebook, in a desperate attempt to appease angry Pakistanis, decided to remove the Everybody Draw Mohammed Day (EDMD) group, which had well over 100,000 members. One might think that the administrators at the social-networking site have decided to take a hard line and eliminate offensive groups. That is incorrect. In fact, Facebook has decided to leave much worse groups. A common thread emerges, however: Facebook has removed groups deemed offensive to Muslims, but have left ones with an angry, violent dispositions towards Jews. This is quite disgusting, but this has to be reported.

Gone are innocuous pictures of Islam's prophet. Still there are groups like this:

A group called "We hate Israel," which has nearly 100,000 members. If you look at the wall posts, you will read incensed denouncements of Jews; look at the photos and you will see things like this:
A man burning the flag of Israel. The comments underneath read "God bless Hitler" and "Fuck Israel." Facebook is okay with this, apparently.

Here's another anti-Jewish group that Facebook deems better than Everybody Draw Mohammed Day:
The "Parti Nazi," which has a big eagle and swastika as its picture. Nazis are okay with Facebook, though.

Don't forget the Facebook-allowed "Everybody draw Holocaust day:"
This Facebook group has a picture with a Star of David tattooed onto a skull, surrounded by guns. The group calls on its members to investigate the "myth" that is the Holocaust.

And here's another:

That's right, a group called "Hamas Lovers," which features a hooded man with an AK-47. Facebook is okay with this, though.

A picture of Mohammed is not allowed on Facebook. Calls to violence, calls to murder Jews, calls to destroy Israel are allowed, however. Can the hypocrisy be more evident? Can Facebook be more offensive? I think not.

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RM said...

For shame. If Facebook is going to ban one (which wasn't offensive in the first place), they have to ban them all. What a bunch of hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

How disgusting. Facebook sucks.

Harrison said...

Wow talk about hypocritical behavior.