Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hayes' campaign hinting at tight race with Jackson.

Isaac Hayes' is a well thought out Conservative, Isaac Hayes' is the Republican candidate for Congress against the corrupt Congressman Jesse Jackson in Illinois' second congressional district, Isaac Hayes' does not preach above people, but to the people, and Isaac Hayes' has generated great Conservative interest from around the Nation.

But could Isaac Hayes' actually be in a tight race against Jesse Jackson Jr. in one of the most Democratic controlled districts in the entire Nation (centered right inside Chicago) for this Fall's general election? According to a recent blog post and tweet - Yes He Is.

I have great news to release very shortly. A South Suburban paper did a poll of my district and IL-2 will be a race to watch for the first time in nearly 60 years.

- Isaac Hayes, GOP candidate for Congress.

I'll be watching for the news out of Chicago all of tomorrow morning and afternoon. If there is a serious chance for our Party to defeat one of the most corrupt members of Congress, than we must immediately divert financial resources in support of Isaac Hayes, a grand candidate of our grand movement.

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