Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I stand with Israel.

Turkish Islamists and Anti-Semites attempted to break Israel's Gaza strip blockade yesterday afternoon, and during their feeble minded attempt; attacked and injured several Israeli soldiers on purpose. As always Israel was just defending themselves; and the Media sides with the Arab aggressors.

I stand with the Jewish State. Period. As Americans we can never understand being surrounded by Islamic enemies, 24/7, who want to literally obliterate your nation, you personally, all of your relatives, friends, and even the local Boy Scouts; such as Israel faces on regular basis. Who in our Nation can comprehend that?

Unless the Nation of Israel successfully attacks their enemies soon; whether they be in the Gaza Strip, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, or otherwise, I fear a coalition of Islamist Nations will unite and will attack Israel, attempting to wipe them off the face of the earth for all time. As the great Ronald Reagan once put into action; Peace through Strength.

I stand with the Nation of Israel, and I hope you do as well. Whether it be through proclamation, public or private; publishing an article on your blog, website, or facebook page; adopting the flag of Israel as your profile picture on Twitter; please stand with Israel.

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