Friday, June 4, 2010

List of Major League Baseball Perfect Games.

Considering the phenomenal increase of Perfect Games in Major League Baseball over the past four weeks; Dallas Braden against the Rays, and Roy Halladay against the Marlins. And let us not forget about Armando Galarraga, who tossed a Perfect Game earlier this week, but human imperfection led to a blown call on what should have been the 27th consecutive out.

I believe it's time to list every single Perfect Game ever tossed in Major League history; only 20 professional pitchers have ever perfected the art of pitching in a singular performance, but their once-in-a-lifetime performance has created such a lore within the sport, that even the mention of the coveted "Perfect Game" during an incomplete Perfect Game is unofficially prohibited.

(1) - 1880 - Lee Richmond of the Worcester Ruby Reds.
(2) - 1880 - John Ward of the Providence Grays.
(3) - 1904 - Cy Young of the Boston Redsox.
(4) - 1908 - Addie Ross of the Cleveland Naps.
(5) - 1922 - Charlie Robertson of the Chicago White Sox.
(6) - 1956 - Don Larsen* of the New York Yankees.
(7) - 1964 - Jim Bunning** of the Philadelphia Phillies.
(8) - 1965 - Sandy Koufax of the LA Dodgers.
(9) - 1968 - Catfish Hunter of the Oakland Athletics.
(10) - 1981 - Len Barker of the Cleveland Indians.
(11) - 1984 - Mike Witt of the California Angels.
(12) - 1988 - Tom Browning of the Cincinnati Reds.
(13) - 1991 - Dennis Martinez of the Montreal Expos.
(14) - 1994 - Kenny Rogers of the Texas Rangers.
(15) - 1998 - David Wells of the New York Yankees.
(16) - 1999 - David Cone of the New York Yankees.
(17) - 2004 - Randy Johnson of the Arizona Diamondbacks.
(18) - 2009 - Mark Buehrle of the Chicago White Sox.
(19) - 2010 - Dallas Braden of the Oakland Athletics.
(20) - 2010 - Roy Halladay of the Philadelphia Phillies.

It's true that most of the above mentioned Perfect Game alumni are "one-game wonders", but the art of Perfection is so precious, valuable, and mysterious all at the same time; one doesn't ever challenge those who have done the impossible, even if their before or after statistics were amazingly dreadful.

In a world of imperfection, confusion and disappointment; I'm glad 20 individuals have proven that anything can be done by anyone; even the Perfect Game.

* - 1956 World Series.
** - Current US Senator.

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Matthew Avitabile said...

Tim, you forgot the one that Armando Galarraga threw.

Jim Joyce said...

Go fuck yourself

Matthew Avitabile said...

No, you shut up and you should be fired

Jim Joyce said...

But I have a cool mustache and look like Goose Gossage

Matthew Avitabile said...

I met Goose Gossage and you are no Goose Gossage

Mr. K said...

As much as I hate it: Galarraga has never tossed a Perfect Game according to MLB standards. He cannot be included.