Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Xbox 360 Slim

For the one-and-a-half people who come here to learn about the newest in video games, Microsoft has unveiled a new Xbox 360 at this year's E3, dubbed the 'Xbox 360 Slim' by fans.  Neat:
The new sleek, black Xbox is actually set to launch this week.  Rumors are swirling that all previous types of Xboxes are out of production, including the freaking elite system I got for Christmas.

Not only this, but Microsoft is slashing viciously the price of existing Xboxes.  From Yahoo:
Alternatively, Microsoft is cutting prices of the existing Xbox range to $149 for the basic Arcade model, and $249 for the upgraded Elite. It's unclear whether that's a time-limited clearance offer, or if it'll be permanent -- but if you want to snag a cheap Xbox, and you're not too bothered about getting the brand-new Slim, this could be your chance.
Microsoft is pretty market-savvy.  A new Xbox, old-design, but still new ones priced less than Wiis, along with other surprises at E3 make Microsoft a tough act to follow.

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