Thursday, September 3, 2009

AP covers radical Iranian cabinet, but ignores radical Obama czars.

The Associated Press has covered the cabinet members being approved in Iran, noting how they are hardliners in the Nation. However, I have not heard a peep about the radical selections by Obama in regards to his "czar brigade", that has been left up to Conservative talk show hosts & television personalities.

I wonder why the AP has not followed on the story of Van Jones, a radical communist/black nationalist/anarchist/far-left liberal nutjob who has become the "green jobs czar" for the Obama administration, his past comments can only be described as radical, and he is even quoted recently as calling Republicans "a$$h**es" in regards to how they are stopping the health care legislation, when the GOP is a super minority as of now.

I wonder why the AP has not discussed the background of John Holdren, Obama's "science czar", who has written in the past that forced abortions for the reasons of "population control", would be Constitutional under the current one could ever come to that conclusion, I have no idea. Not to mention the always dependable Michelle Malkin has listed the top ten quotes of freakyness from Obama's science czar, .

Then again, the Associated Press is a stooge for liberalism, so I wouldn't expect these radical selections to fill Obama's "czar brigade" would be noted at all, however, if Senator McCain was elected President, and he appointed a Conservative who dare believe in social Conservatism as a "pro-life czar", I expect a full array of articles would come out the next day.

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josh vandish said...

What in the hell so whats next..

al bruno said...

Do these Czars love or hate America??? Are they communists for real or are they for Freedom that America stands for??