Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Congressional investigation into ACORN please.

It is being reported that the liberal criminal organization, ACORN, is during the process of an independent investigation into their own organization, yea....that will be really reliable considering we are dealing with an organization that is linked to voter registration fraud in over a dozen states, and is giving pimp advice in several well documented by two brave Conservative citizen journalists.

Are we to believe that a self investigation of ACORN will reveal anything? Absolutely not, as there will be flare & fuzz, but the criminal ways of this criminal organization which breaths all things criminal, will publish a report that in itself, is just criminal. To expect these thugs to actually do anything, is like expecting Obama to do something right.....its just not gonna happen.

What to do? What to demand?

I believe we the people of the United States, should demand that Congress actually hold a congressional investigation/hearing into the illegal activities of ACORN, as this organization has received millions upon millions of American taxpayer dollars over the past decade, please tell me why this has been allowed to go without scrutiny for over a decade?

It just disgusts me.

We need an investigation now, the books & doings of this organization needs to be fully exposed, and no more American taxpayer money should go to this organization ever again. I call on Congressmen & Senators to actually give a damn about taxpayer money for once......if you have never before, just care this once.....this is to important to be a big government liberal hack with zero disregard.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Remember: In this instance, an internal investigation is a VERY good opportunity to destroy evidence, n'est-ce pas?