Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Obamacare to lead to rationing without a doubt.

Death panels are a scary proposition by themselves, but I am talking about another form of rationing which will occur if the Obamacare legislation would pass Congress & signed into law, it would be caused by Doctors, and Doctors alone.

If you take a system which is designed for 270+million insured Americans, and 30+ millions who are not insured (lets remember, all Americans can go to the doctor, however, those who are and are not insured normally do not rush to the Emergency Room for no unknown reason, if Obamacare we're to pass, you would have tens of millions of Americans going for no unknown reason, compared to the small minority we currently proven as the result of government run health care in other Nations) and you replace it with a system that will have 300+million government stooge insured Americans, who run to the ER for every reason, the system will be overwhelmed, and that is one form of rationing.

Now, we have polling data which concludes that 45% of American doctors would consider leaving the medical practice all together if the Obama plan passed, meaning all Americans would have a massive shortage of doctors, unlike now...when we all can see a doctor within an hour, because they do not want to operate under a government run system, and lets be fair......that is what Obamacare is.

The current plans in the United States Congress are bad enough, considering the outrageous cost of the plans, the loss of liberty & freedom, the evaporation of personal responsibility, the 100% un-constitutional nature of the legislation, the ever growing size of government, the blatant anti-capitalistic & economic portions of the legislation, the higher taxes which will result on all Americans, the rationing of tens of millions of Americans, long waits like in Canada & other socialistic health care systems, and the first official tax on wealth in the United States......the fact that 45% of doctors could leave the system because of the proposed legislation, is enough to stop this legislation.

Can we please get back to America? Focus on Capitalism, economic freedom, and personal responsibility back as the core principles of American legislation!? Freedom will work. Capitalism will work. Personal responsibility will work. Lets try what works, instead of what has been proven to not work.

We have the greatest health care system in the world, because of freedom & capitalism, howabout we build an even greatest system on those same principles? Just a thought......

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