Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Doug Hoffman receives good word from "The Hill"

Conservative Republican candidate for Congress, Doug Hoffman, in the upcoming special election in Upstate New York's 23rd congressional district is receiving some good vibes from political websites, and he has been mentioned by many. For a third party candidate to receive this much political coverage, he is really making head ways inside the beltway.

At the political website, The Hill, blogger Aaron Blake discusses how Hoffman is getting traction in the special election, I could have told you that several weeks ago, as Conservatives & Republicans alike do not like Assemblywoman Scozzafava, as she is horrific on social issues, on economic issues (especially on labor), and is nearly as liberal as the far-left liberal Assembly speaker in the New York Assembly.

I disagree with this one portion of Blake's article, "But if Hoffman can put together some money and continue to get press attention, he could steal a significant chunk of the vote, and that could open the door to Democrat Bill Owens.", Hoffman is not in this to "steal a significant chunk of the vote", he is in this to win this election, something he has a real shot at doing.

We have several weeks until the election should take place, pending that Congressman McHugh will be approved by the United States Senate next week, to become the next Secretary of the Army. The Democrat has absolutely no namesake at all, he has zero chance to win. Not to mention, the election has been Scozzafava vs. Hoffman, I have barely heard a word of Owens, because I think people know what this election will come down to.

Conservative Republicans. Conservative Independents. Conservative Democrats. In a district where all three of the above are prominent, I would be on the look out for a close Hoffman-Scozzafava finish.

The Hill article -

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