Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Joining the anti-WND brigade.

I blogged about this topic last week, in regards to the Internet website, the World Net Daily, and how I would no longer be reading or visiting the website (though I read the website mainly out of amusement & some good articles by Chuck Norris), because the website has taken a turn towards looneyville. Apparently, fellow Conservatives agree with me on this issue, including Jon Henke on The Next Right, however, to ever claim this website was ever Conservative or Republican is a fallacy.

The editor has long said that Conservatism is not enough to combat the current administration, I am curious as to what that even means? He gives this idiotic assumption that the Conservative branch of America always tends to do nothing, and just lets everything happen. Have you listened to Talk Radio lately? Have you seen the results of Conservative activism?

The chief writers are not registered Republicans, as the writers include a member of the Constitution party (a horrific third party on National Security), the always nutty Alan Keyes, and even the white supremacist Pat Buchanan, who had the audacity to write "did Hitler want war?", I wonder if his next piece will be "did Hitler really mean to kill Jews?".

Do I support a full out boycott of the website? No, they have the right to publish what they please. Do I support warning people about going to that website? Without a doubt, yes.

We need folks to be visiting the Conservative sites like the American Thinker, Michelle Malkins blog, or even Jumping in Pools, okay that last one was personal bias.

Organizing against WorldNetDaily -

P.S. - To answer the question posed by Henke, as to why the Republican National Committee has sent emails through the WND mailing list, it is most likely because many Conservatives do subscribe to the list, however, that is not a good excuse.
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Matthew Avitabile said...


This is a good point-- WND has lost their mind and we have to steer the non-crazy visitors this way.