Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The end of an era for Japan

The 54 year rule of the Liberal Democratic Party in Japan has come to an end.

From Yahoo News:

Japan's ruling party conceded a crushing defeat on Sunday after almost 54 years of unbroken rule as voters were poised to hand the opposition a landslide victory in nationwide elections, driven by economic anxiety and a powerful desire for change.

The left-of center Democratic Party of Japan was set to win 300 of 480 seats in Japan's lower house of parliament, ousting the Liberal Democrats, who have governed Japan for all but 11 months since 1955, according to exit polls by all major Japanese TV networks.

"The results are severe," Prime Minister Taso Aso said in a news conference at party headquarters, conceding his party was headed for a big loss. "There has been a big satisfaction with our party."

Aso said he would have to accept responsibilty for the results, suggesting that he had to resign as party president.

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Debbie said...

Future headline in the US after the 2010 elections:

"The end of a two year era for Democrats in the US"


Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Roger Godby said...

It was such a landslide that the DPJ doesn't know what to do. Already there's a story out here about a woman who was a "freeter," working multiple temp or part-time jobs who ran as a DPJ candidate for the hell of it. And she won!