Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Obama Admin Calls in Elmo

No, this isn't a satire piece. It's actually a new plan developed by the Obama Administration. And boy, does it scream rookies!

But, yes, it's true. Politico is reporting that Health and Human Services is working with the Sesame Street puppet to spread the word about government programs. That's right, the government is using children's programming to spread it ideas!

And it gets better. The partnership with Elmo also includes the Education Department and... the Department of Homeland Security. Because we all know that the villains in the DHS would be better suited for talking to a hand puppet than interrogating terrorists.

Does anyone see it as conspicuous that Elmo is pitching a government line about the flu just as the health care debate is heating up? Maybe he'll ask kids to send in their parents' fishy rumors to flag@whitehouse.gov.

Are we becoming more and more idiotic daily? The DHS should not be partnering with Elmo to talk about avoiding the flu. It should be making sure that a suicide bomber doesn't cross the border. And I thought that Kathleen Sebelius was a joke before. You remember that they actually talked about her being the Vice President?


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