Thursday, September 10, 2009

Final Fantasy VII Review

Now, how do I approach a review of one of the most widely popular games of all time? Oh, I got it, I'll put a picture in to ease into the article.
Whoops. I guess a fiery image of Sephiroth seemingly engulfed in flames is hardly a way to ease into things, but it's too late now. Yes, people, Final Fantasy VII is indeed one of the greatest games that have ever been made, and no, I'm obviously not the only one who thinks so.

The story, the music, the cast, and the memories make for a great game, one that catapulted RPGs into a major player in video games. But before I go into semantics, let's get this review done.
As you may have heard, the story of Final Fantasy VII is superb, even if it is at times hard to follow. The main character, of course, is Cloud, a so-called 'ex-SOLDIER'; the main villain is, guess who, Sephiroth, who was previously Cloud's superior. What ensues within is a struggle between the characters you love, the antagonist you hate, and the evil corporation Shinra.

In the beginning, Cloud is an unwilling participant of the terrorist group AVALANCHE. Headed by Barret, Cloud joins the squad to fulfill a promise to his childhood friend, Tifa. In a short amount of time, after some exciting explosions and what-not, you come to learn that the long-thought-dead super-soldier Sephiroth is still kicking and killing people left and right. What do you have to do, lowly Cloud? That's right, stop a one-man murder machine who intends to destroy everything and everyone in his path in order to get what he wants. Easy enough, right?

What follows is one of the greatest stories (with twists!) in video game history.
The characters in Final Fantasy VII are some of the deepest and fleshed out in video game history. This is the kind of stuff I like, getting to know your characters, feeling attached to them, coming to understand them. And having two of them as not necessary to beat the game? Holy crap.

Musically, this game stands with the very best to this day. Who can forget the chills when you heard One Winged Angel for the first time? No one, that's who. Shock and fear, love and energy; all are mastered in this Final Fantasy.

This game has an amazing load of side quests as well and the best leveling-up system I've ever come in contact with. Your emotions can run high and your mouth can grow dry with the way you feel about what's happening in the game.
As with everything that has ever been in existence, there are some incredibly small faults. The characters... yup, they're really blocky, but what do you expect from an early PS1 game? The pacing could be better, you shouldn't be raising chocobos when a (spoiler) is headed at you, blah blah blah.

So again, what can I say? Yes, it lives up to the hype, and no, it is not over-rated. What can I say, it's one of the greatest games ever made.

The Final Verdict: A 9.75/10, Almost Perfect

(And what the hell, just make a damn remake already!)

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