Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good times for Republicans.

The latest poll results from the upcoming New Hampshire Senate election between Republican Kelly Ayotte and Democrat Paul Hodes showcase that Ayotte is leading Hodes by a healthy 46-38% margin, Ayotte announced her candidacy several months ago, and has gained steam among Republicans in the Granite state. While Ayotte is a bright young Republican, who served as Attorney General in New Hampshire before resigning to lay out her campaign, she has rallied the base of the party, and is looking good to retain the Senate seat that Judd Gregg will leave next year.

I previously documented how Aurora Republican Councilman Ryan Frazier was leading the Democrat Senator early on the upcoming Colorado Senate election, we have new results which show that the former Republican Lt.Governor Jane Norton leading Democrat Michael Bennet by an impressive 45-36% margin, Norton also leads the former Democrat House speaker by a 42-34% margin as well, proving that dislike for Democrats in Colorado is for all candidates.

Here we have two important Senate battleground states in the 2010 elections, both with strong Republican women as probable candidates (Ayotte is definite, Norton is not), beating the snot out of the Democrat opposition, plus I noted the other day that Reid is also doing miserable in Nevada as well, not to mention Rudy Giuliani would have a good shot at defeating Gillibrand in New York state.

Let the good times roll! 2010 Conservative Nation will return.

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