Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jumping in Pools interview subject on Glenn Beck.

Former Jumping in Pools interview subject, Conservative blogger Kevin Jackson, appeared on the Glenn Beck program this evening, I am proud that this strong black Conservative whom I interviewed back in May, is on National television.

Interview :

"Tim Knight - The Conservative movement & Republican party is in conflict, mainly because some elites want to ruin both - for the idiotic notion that if we act like Democrats, we'll be elected, when the previous two elections have disproved that theory, your thoughts?

Kevin Jackson - The MSM has gotten to conservatives. All we need is an unapologetic conservative to right the ship.

TK - In recent weeks, I have read articles & heard callers on talk radio shows, particularly black Americans, feeling buyers remorse and hating their vote for Obama, do you think that Obama will cause more black's to vote Republican/Conservative?

KJ - Yes, Obama will make blacks wake up to the reality that Obama is an idiot and he is making us look bad.

TK - Within the past few weeks, California has said hell no to higher taxes, Wealthy New Yorkers are fleeing, and even the Massachusetts State Senate resisted raising taxes, do you believe this anti-tax movement will spread like wildfire?

KJ - Yes, it will not end with tea parties. Legislators will see that the gravy train is over...for awhile...and start voting for less taxes. Next revolution--spend less!

TK - The real journalists and four branch of government/ watch dogs of the government : Main Stream Media, or Conservative bloggers, such as myself and you?

KJ - It will take all of it, as most bloggers react to news, and are not great researchers or historians. But once a story breaks, we can provide interesting perspectives.

TK - How would you rate the job performance of Obama during these past 120+ days of hell, how would you rate the job performance of the Republican opposition during this same time period, and who would have the best chances of defeating Obama in 2012?

KJ - Obama - Solid F. Opposition - D. Cheney's latest move could change their grade to a B for "extra credit!"


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