Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rocky Mountain Lows for Democrat candidates.

Republicans have been losing ground in Colorado for years, I believe the sudden shock of Democrat idiocy over the past several years, just might have awoken the voters of Colorado back to the Republican party or at least Republican candidates.

According to two new polls from Rasmussen Reports, Republican candidates are not only doing well against the Democrat Governor, but the newly minted Senator Bennet, a Democrat hack by all accounts is losing to a Republican Councilman, and cannot manage 40% support against the Republican Councilman.

Ryan Frazier, Aurora Colorado Councilman, and a black Republican whom I have written about before, is leading Bennet by a 40-39% margin, well within the margin of error, however, an incumbent Senator cannot even manage 40% against a Republican Councilman, let alone 50% plus 1 in a general election, which would be my bet. 7% of Colorado voters would prefer someone else, and 14% of Colorado votes are unsure as of now.

As for the Governors election, former Republican Congressman Scott McInnis, is leading Democrat Governor Bill Ritter by a 44-39% margin, another Democrat who cannot even manage to break the 40% barrier against the strongest Republican challenger.

While election 2010 is 14 months away, and election 2009 is just two months away. Speculation of upcoming Senate & Gubernatorial elections which have not even held a Primary, is a tad bullish in terms of celebration, however, considering Colorado has drifted leftward as of late, and two Republicans, including a Councilman are doing very well in polling, while liberals are suffering, I will celebrate all night long.

List of Democratic Senate seats that could shift to Republican control :

Christopher Dodd's Connecticut seat.
Ronald Burris Illinois seat.
Blanche Lincoln's Arkansas seat.
Harry Reid's Nevada seat.
Michael Bennet's Colorado seat.

2010 - good times arising.

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