Saturday, September 5, 2009

Memo to GOP : We can win back Congress easily...

However, first we need to win back our own congressional districts.

"Some Conservative Republicans are wondering where the 2010 Conservative revolution will come from, what congressional districts will shift from Democrat to Republican hands, how we can accomplish these goals, and can we overcome the horrific past two congressional cycles? Considering top

political gurus all agree with the Democrats could lose dozens House of seats next election, that the American people do not want what the Democrats are selling, and the American people that punished the Republicans for not being Conservative, are doing likewise to far-left Democrats.

Did you know that elected Democrats are presently representing 72 Republican leaning congressional districts! 72 Congressional districts which are Republican leaning, currently have Democrats in those seats. If the Republicans could actually reclaim their own ground, with staunch Conservatism, we could control the House of Representatives with over 32 seats over the Democrats. If you factor in the ten Republicans who represent Democrat leaning districts, and if those districts went to the Democrats, Republicans could still control the House of Representatives by 22 seats in the House. Also, 25 states in the United States lean Republican, while 23 lean Democrat, and two are about even. How can the Democrats control 60 seats, when 50 of those seats are in Republican leaning states?

You can check out the information at the Cook political website, however, I wish to list all of the Republican districts currently represented by Democrats, just to make a point, that if we want to reclaim America, we can by just reclaiming our very own districts. From the highest level of Republican dominance, to the least amount :

Mississippi's fourth congressional district.

Texas seventeenth congressional district.

Idaho's first congressional district.

Alabama's second congressional district.

Utah's second congressional district.

Mississippi's first congressional district.

Missouri's fourth congressional district.

Oklahoma's second congressional district.

Maryland's first congressional district."

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