Saturday, September 5, 2009

Senator DeMint for President.

Authors note : This will be the first in an exclusive list of articles why Senator Jim DeMint should run for President in 2012.

It is hard to believe that the Presidential process for the 2012 Presidential election, is set to start in under eighteen months from now, as candidates usually begin the process of forming campaigns in early 2011, begin to travel & campaign in Iowa during the summer of 2011, and the votes begin to take place in late 2011 & early 2012. However, you could make the case that the 2012 Presidential election has already started, as Conservatives & Republicans alike have aligned themselves behind candidates they support for the GOP nomination already, with the front running Republicans, at least in terms of grassroots support, being former Governor's Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and Mike Huckabee.

Darkhorse candidates include Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor, and even Governor Pawlently from Minnesota has been touted as a potential candidate for President. However, due to scandals involving Senator Ensign & South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, I would suspect that the candidates that we're present during the 2008 Presidential nomination process, will be the same front runners during the 2012 Presidential nomination process.

While bloggers & pundits could argue back and forth over the best candidate among those which are suspected of running to represent the Republican party in 2012, I would like to make the case for a candidate who has flat out denied interest in running, and a candidate who would be the best Conservative Republican option America could hope for.

America, meet Senator Jim DeMint from the Conservative paradise of South Carolina, consistently ranked among the most Conservative Republicans in the United States today by the Conservative publication National Review, served as Congressman for six years, and is beginning to prepare for his second election campaign for United States Senator. Senator DeMint is a core Conservative to the bone, as he is a strong National Security Conservative, supports our troops, is against all forms of abortion, supported those in Honduras who threw out the wannabe dictator, and he supported the Semper Fi Act of 2008.

The Semper Fi Act of 2008 is the proper piece of legislation to showcase how much DeMint supports the American serviceman.

It is required by the United States Constitution, that the government may raise armies through any means possible, this includes recruiting. Well, Berkeley California is not exactly a pro-troop area, as protests on both sides of the aisle in Berkeley over the war, troops, and recruiting centers overtook the City, and on January 29th 2008 - the City council passed a series of motions which can only be defined as anti-United States Military, as one was a motion ordering the city clerk to draft a letter calling the Marin recruiters in Berkeley, "unwelcomed intruders".

This action created a firestorm among Conservatives & Veteran groups. Conservatives, including Senator DeMint introduced legislation on a federal & statewide basis to strip financial support from Berkeley because of their actions. DeMint supported stripping all federal funding in Berkeley, and giving it to the Military recruitment center in the middle of the whole mess. The state legislation would have withheld all state transportation funding to Berkeley.

Though both of the above mentioned legislation failed, it sparked 25,000 to write the City council urging them to rescind the anti-Marine corps letter. The council met on February 12th to reconsider the letter to the Military, after several hours of public comment which lasted well into the next morning, the council decided to not send the letter they previously approved to be sent to the United States Marine Corp, instead another letter was sent with less anti-Military language.

The good fight which DeMint waged by spearheading the Semper Fi Act legislation, made a real impact in the debate which occurred, and was deeply supportive of the United States Military, just a glimpse of who Senator DeMint is, and what he believes.

There is much more that can be written about Senator DeMint, and why he should run for President, which I will express in future opinion pieces, however, remember this fact. He is a Conservative to the bone, a leader in heart, and willing to stand up to anyone on any side for the principles of Conservatism.

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