Friday, September 4, 2009

Obamacare is dead for now.

While many will keep debating this legislation, it is dead as of now.

1.Democrats do not have the votes in the House of Representatives.

2.Democrats do not have the votes in the United States Senate - with only 59 Democrats in the Senate, 1 scared to death of losing her Senate seat next year (Senator Lincoln of Arkansas), and 39 devoted Republicans against the legislation, the Democrats fall one, perhaps more votes from reaching the magical "60".

3.The American people do not want this legislation, the American people want Capitalistic reforms, not government takeovers.

4.If the Democrats passed this legislation, the losses in the House of Representatives for the Democrats come next election, would be staggering. Republicans would most likely be able to ride this legislation to a re-control of the Congress within a few years.

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